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Meet Equatum’s inventor: Justin Roughley

Justin fell in love with maths when he was 10 through thinking about Pascal’s Triangle and the Fibonacci series. He has spent his life exploring maths, software, databases, the Dharma, embodiment, wildness, vegetable-growing and puzzles. One of his favourite things is to sit in a café with puzzles and a cortado!

How was Equatum invented?

The initial idea for Equatum came in 2015 in an unusual way. It's a bit obscure!

Justin Roughley was thinking about the unknown: about how sometimes it's objects that we don't know about and sometimes it's the relationship between the objects that we don't know about. He wondered - what happens if you don't even know the difference between the objects and the relationships...

Being interested in Maths, he wondered what this would mean for equations.

And the result is an equation, where the unknowns of the equation could either be a number OR an operator ( + – x ÷).

Equatum was born!

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